Re-collecting Prospect Ericsson CDMA/EVDO data files.

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How can I recollect Ericsson CDMA or EVDO data files from the network element?


Sometimes it's necessary to recollect data files from various Network elements, this could be for debugging or to confirm the original files are correct.


The easiest way to do this is to manually edit the .chk file and rerun the icf_chat.exp script manually from the command line, or let it run as scheduled in the crontab file.

1) Determine the correct .chk file:

The files are normally named to correspond to the market and/or data type and are in the $FLEXDAHOME/log directory.

i.e. for a EVDO EMS in Dallas, it may be like this:


where the region may be SE for SouthEast, and "dfw_ems" for market.

This is defined in the <hostname>ntcdma.cfg file $FLEXDAHOME/INSTALL/localhost/cfg

2) Copy the original .chk file to .chk.bak

3) Manually edit the .chk file in $FLEXDAHOME/log directory.

Here is an example .chk file and explanation of the different fields:
130109153000 50ede158 s 130109160929 0000
130109160000 50ede860 s 130109163926 0000

PERIOD: The time between collection periods in seconds

ENTRIES: The total number of entries in the .chk file, they get rolled off after this limit is reached.

RETRIES: The number of times the DA will retry collection upon failure.


Field 2: ASCII time stamp

Field 3: Status of collection

r = retry

s = success

x = failure on all attempts ( when retry limit is reached )

n = looking for next time period.


Field 4: # of attempts

Change the 3rd field in the .chk file from either "x" or "s" to "r".
130109153000 50ede158 s 130109160929 0000
130109160000 50ede860 s 130109163926 0000
130109153000 50ede158 r 130109160929 0000
130109160000 50ede860 r 130109163926 0000

4) At this point, you can either run the icf_chat.exp script from the command line, or simply wait until the next scheduled time for data collection from CRONTAB, which will then collect the data files with "r" in the 3rd field, and collect the current files.

Here is an example of collecting from the command line:

> icf_chat.exp -i <region>.<market>.om.dist.icf **

** Note: If a icf_chat.exp script is already running for this market, you will receive a message to stdout indicating this. You can avoid this by checking the entries in CRON to see what time the icf_chat.exp script will run for the market you are working with.

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