Health Checks reporting fixlets 8.2.1312.0 needed for Relay and Client.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Customers not able to find fixlets for Relays and Clients to be upgraded to 8.2.1312.0 release.


When running the Deployment Health Checks after upgrading the TEM server to ver. 8.2.1312.0, the dashboard returns results saying the BES Server Version is 8.2.1312.0 and that the BES Relays and Clients should be at the same version instead of their current version 8.2.1310.0.


The release 8.2.1312.0 came out to address an update needed for the TEM Servers, but no 8.2.1312.0 fixlets were needed for updating the TEM Relays and Clients.


This involves only the TEM Server(s) 8.2.1312.0 and Relay(s)/Client(s) 8.2.1310.0

Diagnosing the problem

The Deployment Health Checks dashboard returns a false positive when run against TEM Servers 8.2.1312.0.

Resolving the problem

This is a false positive being given for this version 8.2.1310.0 related to the TEM Relay(s)/Client(s) when the TEM Server has been upgraded to 8.2.1312.0. There is NO impact on your systems, functions nor operations. There are NO fixlets available for the Relay(s)/Client(s) to upgrade to 8.2.1312.0. This release was only to address the TEM Server.

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