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Maximo Download limit of 200

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How can I download more than 200 records using the download function of Maximo?


Modify the webclient.maxdownloadrows property value in the file.
1. Open a
(under <maximo_root>\applications\maximo\properties)
2. Add or modify an existing property. value -1 will allow excel to download all records from the list tab.
- webclient.maxdownloadrows=<limit of records' number>

After making this change, save the properties file and rebuild the Maximo EAR file for the changes to take effect.

A setting of -1 will result in unlimited download records from the List tab, however it will result in any download from a lookup dialog to default to the out of the box limit of 200 rows.

A setting higher than 200, for example 300, will result in the lookup limit being that specified value but the List tab will also be limited by the same amount.

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More support for: Maximo Asset Management
System: User Interface

Software version: 7.1.1, 7.5

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: 1622350

Modified date: 12 December 2016

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