Error ECO2044E when attempting to Launch either the native or non-tme console

Technote (troubleshooting)


When trying to launch the TEC console from the AIX server or from
within TEPS, getting this error:

ECO2044E: The RDBMS can not be reached.

Diagnosing the problem

Start the tec console in diagnostic mode with the following command:

tec_console -d ALL -o <output file>

Reviewing the resulting 'output file', the following error is logged:
2013/01/11 10:18:21 [TivoliEn] [Constructo] Constructor for class com.tivoli.tec.util.db.DBService called.
2013/01/11 10:18:21 [TivoliEn] [Method Ent] >> Method com.tivoli.tec.util.db.DBService() of class com.tivoli.tec.util.db.DBService entered.
2013/01/11 10:18:21 [TivoliEn] [Method Ent] >> Method connect of class com.tivoli.tec.util.db.DBService entered.
2013/01/11 10:18:22 [TivoliEn] [Method Ent] >> Method handleException of class com.tivoli.tec.util.db.DBService entered.
com.tivoli.framework.runtime.ExNoImplement vmcid: 0x0 minor code: 32 completed: No
2013/01/11 10:18:22 [TivoliEn] [Debug ] ++ nullcom.tivoli.framework.runtime.ExNoImplement vmcid: 0x0 minor code: 32 completed: No
com.tivoli.framework.runtime.ExNoImplement vmcid: 0x0 minor code: 32 completed: No
at com.tivoli.framework.runtime.ClassicComm.getException(
at com.tivoli.framework.runtime.ClassicComm.objcall(
at com.tivoli.framework.runtime.Representative.invoke(
at com.tivoli.framework.runtime.TivObjectImpl.__invoke(
at com.tivoli.framework.TMF_bdt._serviceStub.query(
at com.tivoli.framework.TMF_Gateway._GatewayStub.query(
at com.tivoli.framework.bdt.BdtServiceParameters.setServiceParameters(
at com.tivoli.framework.bdt.BdtServiceParameters.<init>(
at com.tivoli.framework.bdt.SinglePortBdt.createBdtChannel(
at com.tivoli.framework.bdt.SinglePortBdt.<init>(
at com.tivoli.framework.bdt.BdtFactory.setBdtImplementation(
at com.tivoli.framework.bdt.BdtFactory.getBdtImplementation(
at com.tivoli.framework.iom.iom.<init>(
at com.tivoli.rim.RIM_Session.connect(
at com.tivoli.tec.util.db.DBService.connect(
at com.tivoli.tec.util.db.DBService.<init>(
at com.tivoli.tec.util.db.DBService.getInstance(
at com.tivoli.tec.console.ResourceDBStorage.getService(
at com.tivoli.tec.console.ResourceDBStorage.readResources(
at com.tivoli.tec.console.ResourceDBStorage.readResources(
at com.tivoli.tec.console.ResourceDBStorage.getOperator(
at com.tivoli.tec.console.EnterpriseConsoleLauncher.initTecConsole(

Resolving the problem

Since the error has to do with BDT, issue the following commands:

1. On the IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console Server on which you are logged in, set the 'single_port_bdt' and 'set_iom_by_name' Tivoli Management Framework settings to TRUE by running the following commands on the IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console Server:

odadmin single_port_bdt TRUE all

odadmin set_iom_by_name TRUE all

2. Run the following command to recycle the object dispatchers:

odadmin reexec all

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