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Business Space access in federated repositories cannot be transferred

Technote (troubleshooting)


Access information will need to be recreated when migrating Business Space from one environment with a federated LDAP repository, to a different federated LDAP repository.


Access rights are not preserved when migrating Business Space to a new federated repository.


In federated repositories, access information is stored with an unique ID generated for a user or a group. If a Business Space is migrated to a different environment using a different LDAP repository, but with the same user name, the old unique ID will not match the newly generated ID for the new repository. As a result access right for Business Space will not be preserved.



Diagnosing the problem

If access right is not preserved when migrating Business Space, the first item to check for is to find out if the new environment uses the same federated repositories. If it does not, and if the user IDs are matching, this will not help with the migration of the access rights. The unique ID for the users in the new LDAP repositories will not match the unique ID for the same users in the old LDAP repository.

Resolving the problem

Recreate the access.

Document information

More support for: WebSphere Service Registry and Repository
Business Space

Software version: 7.0,,,,,, 7.5,,,, 8.0,

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Linux pSeries, Linux zSeries, Linux/x86, Solaris, Windows, z/OS

Reference #: 1622184

Modified date: 11 January 2013