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Use the same SUA users who have access to Web Report


Web reports is configured at install time, if you need to enable Web reports after the initial install, either do a re-install or follow the following process for setting the web reports connection

You have to edit the following set of registry keys in the following path:


Change the following registry key

wrdbname ='WRDBName')
wrusername ='WRDBUsername')
wrpassword ='WRDBPassword')
wrsspi ='WRUseNTAuth')
wrhost ='WRDBHost')

These are the keys being read and if you installed without web reports you need to create those keys as REG_SZ type.

Once you've changed the values under text_subs, open a cmd prompt and navigate to DSS\rails and do:

..\ruby\bin\ruby script\runner lib\post_install.rb

This reads everything out of text_subs and writes it into the Database Config key.
After updating the DB settings, restart the 6 BigFix DSS Backend services for the change to take effect.

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