Backing up and Restoring MDM components

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Backup / restore procedure of the following components:
- Management Extender for Apple iOS
- Management Extender for Microsoft Exchange
- Management Extender for Lotus Traveler
- Trusted Service Provider
- Self Service Portal


Information you need to backup / migrate an iOS extender.

Backup the following important configuration files as well as the ProxyAgent information about its enrolled devices:

  • All file paths are relative to the Management Extender folder ("<Program Files dir>\BigFix Enterprise\Management Extender")
  • Database (all files inside "MDM Provider\db" folder)
  • Configuration files (everything inside "MDM Provider\config")
  • APNS certificate and key, and SSL certificates and keys (everything inside "MDM Provider\private" folder)
  • The plugin password (located in "Plugins\Apple iOS x\plugin\
  • The device registration file for each plugin (located in "Plugins\Apple iOS x\DeviceRegistration.json"). Copying this file is necessary to prevent devices from re-registering with a new computer ID (this would cause devices to appear twice in the TEM Console).
  • The action state database for the management extender (for MDM 1.0-1.2, this is "ActionStates.json", starting in MDM 1.3, this is "ActionStates.db"). Copying this file is necessary for the management extender to know which actions have already been run on which devices. If this file doesn't get copied, the impact is that some actions that already ran on proxied devices will run a second time.

The Traveler extender doesn't store any local information other than the plugin-settings.ini file.
If the secret.key file exists, in the same directory as plugin-settings.ini, then it should also be backed up.

The Exchange plugin is similar to Traveler.
It needs the"plugin-settings.ini" and the" key.ini" file (which can be renamed and specified in the plugin-settings.ini).
In addition, the DeviceRegistration.json ,LastScanTime.json, and settings.json should be backed up also.

As for backing up the Trusted Service Provider / Self Service Portal, they do not contain much important state.
Even if you lost their databases / configuration, you could stand up new instances of them and be working just as before.
In order to make this process smoother, however, you can backup their databases, configuration, and private directories like for the iOS extender.
If the database for iOS extender is not backed up, then all devices enrolled there will have to be re-enrolled.
Much of the data that is there can be repopulated through other means, but there are some crucial bits of information, for example, how to communicate with the device via APNS, that is not stored elsewhere that cannot be restored except through that database.

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