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How to download software from Passport Advantage Online website

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How do you download software from Passport Advantage Online website?


Primary contact must complete the initial login before additional site users can use Passport Advantage
Online site, as they are added and managed by primary contact.



  1. Access the Passport Advantage Online website

    Note: Passport Advantage Online website only contains the software that holds an active entitlement.
    • Click on Customer sign in
    • Enter your IBM ID and password to log in (please create an IBM ID first if you don't have one)
    • Site Number is required to request access to Passport Advantage Online.

      Note: The Site Number is nine digits in length and starts with “003” or “007”. The IBM Site Number defines a unique physical location within your company. It can be found on Proof of Entitlement that you have received from IBM.

  2. Click Software download & media access

  3. Select the program offering to work with (if there is more than one program offering and/or agreement associated with the site number)
    • Click Continue

  4. Click Download finder in the Find downloads & media page

  5. Select the product to be downloaded under Download finder
    • If the product can not be found, use functions such as Find by description or part number, Find by categories or View by brand to search
    • Click Continue

  6. Select the preferred options under Download options
    • Click Continue

  7. Select the item to be downloaded under Description
    • If applicable, under Select optional downloads, expand and select required items

  8. Update the Download method or the Download location under Review downloading specifics
    • Click I agree
    • Click Download

  9. Change the Default download location (if needed) in the Initial Setup dialog

  10. Click OK to begin the download

If you have any questions about Passport Advantage Online site, or need assistance to obtain your entitled software, please contact eCustomer Care team.

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