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ITM Agent stops exporting data to the warehouse

Technote (troubleshooting)


ITM LZ agent failing to export data with "failed in createRouteRequest, Status = 8" error in log.


RTEMS protocol configuration

Diagnosing the problem

The agent connects to a RTEMS on which the WPA was also running. The agent log shows this:

(50BF7ADF.0000-F:kdcc1sr.c,566,"rpc__sar") Endpoint unresponsive:
"ip.spipe:#<ip address of WPA>:0", 1C010001:1DE0000F, 210, 100(3),
FFFF/6, d65200:, tms_ctbs6

Note the port shown is 0. In this environment, the WPA was listening on 65100.

Other log entries:
(50BF7FE0.0005-F:khdxdacl.cpp,843,"resolveServerUsingLB") Looking up
annotation "<RTEMS name>": 18
(50BF7FE0.0006-F:khdxrpca.cpp,140,"CTRPCAddress__sock_constr") New
object contents: name=ip.spipe:#<ip addr of RTEMS/WPA>[0], socklen=18, port=0,
(50BF7FE0.0007-F:khdxdacl.cpp,843,"resolveServerUsingLB") Looking up
annotation "Candle_Warehouse_Proxy": 18
(50BF7FE0.0008-F:khdxrpca.cpp,376,"GetNextSocket") Returning
len=18,name=(ip.spipe:#<ip addr of RTEMS/WPA>[0]),family=66,new handle=FE6AED0
(50BF7FE0.0009-F:khdxdacl.cpp,2573,"bindServer") New rpc handle bound to
ip.spipe:#<ip addr of RTEMS/WPA>[0], handle 0xFE6B320

*Note: actual ip address and name were removed from above log extracts

Resolving the problem

The RTEMS configuration had been modified at some time earlier. Although this environment was set to use ip.spipe as the primary protocol, KDC_FAMILIES contained

"ip.pipe port:1918 ip use:n ip.spipe use:n sna use:n"

which meant that ip.spipe was not to be used. Correcting this misconfiguration resolved the problem.

Document information

More support for: Tivoli Components
ITM Tivoli Enterprise Mgmt Agent V6

Software version:

Operating system(s): Linux

Reference #: 1622122

Modified date: 10 December 2014