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Converting a directory to project in Rational Synergy JAVA client causes the projects inside the directory to get unused

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Attempts to convert directory to project in IBM Rational Synergy JAVA client causes the projects inside the directory to get unused.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a Rational Synergy database.

  2. Login Rational Synergy Java Client as user having roles build_mgr developer and component_developer.

  3. Create a Release.

  4. Create a Task for the Release. Task is set as default task.

  5. Create a Project top_project for the Release.

  6. Select the Workarea Tab in the Project view, Select Place workarea relative to parents project's under Workarea Path Options. Click on Apply Changes.

  7. Create a Directory dir1 under the project.

  8. Create a Subproject sub1 under the directory.

  9. Select the directory dir1 and from the context menu select Convert to Subproject. Click on Ok in the Convert directory to subproject dialog.

Directory dir1 gets converted to subproject 'dir1', but subproject 'sub1' gets unused.

Here, work area path of subproject is ../top_project-1/top_project/dir1
When directory dir1 is converted to subproject, as subproject sub1 is in the relative path inside dir1, sub1 gets unused.


In Rational Synergy Java Client, subprojects created inherits the work area properties of the top project.

Diagnosing the problem

When project has relative work area path, the subproject created under that will also have work area path relative to parents project. Since the subproject is in relative path inside the directory, on converting the directory, the subproject gets unused.

Resolving the problem

Steps to resolve:

  1. Before converting the directory having relative subproject, Change the work area of the subproject to have 'Absolute' work area path.

  2. Convert the directory into project..

  3. Change the work area of subproject back to 'Relative' work area path. This will ensure that the Subproject doesn't get unused.

With reference to the above example:
  1. Login Rational Synergy Java Client.

  2. Before converting the directory dir1, Open the properties of the subproject sub1. In the work area tab, Uncheck the Work area path option Place work area relative to parents project's.

  3. Convert the directory dir1 into project by selecting Convert to Subproject from the context menu. Subproject inside the directory doesn't get unused.

  4. Open the properties of the subproject sub1. In the workarea tab, Select the Workarea path option back to Place workarea relative to parents project's.

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