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Logging to Rational RequisiteWeb results in "Exception Occurred" error

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Attempts to login to IBM Rational RequisiteWeb (ReqWeb) after installing IBM Rational RequisitePro results in "Exception Occurred" error.


After installing RequisitePro, you will be able to login to RequisitePro thick client. However, logging to ReqWeb fails with the following error:

An  error has occurred:
Could not open RequisitePro project file:
<Path to the Project>\<Project Name>.rqs
Exception  occurred


The is because the ReqWeb service is running as Local System account and not with an administrator account which has full access rights.

Resolving the problem

To resolve this, apply the following steps:

Step 1: Create a ReqWeb user account with full administrator access.

  1. Click on Start
  2. Select Administrative tools
  3. Select Computer Management
  4. Expand Local Users and Groups
  5. Create ReqWeb User by selecting New User in Users section
  6. Add the ReqWeb User created in Administrator Group in Groups section

Step 2: The ReqWeb services will be running as Local System Account. Change the Log On As from Local System to Reqweb User account for the services IBM WebSphere Application Server V6.1 - RWP ReqWebServlet and the new profile created while installing ReqWeb (for example: IBM WebSphere Application Server V7.0 - IBM-P1PH2V0J6EQNode02).

Step 3: Restart the services

Step 4. Give full administrator access for the ReqWeb User to the project folder

Document information

More support for: Rational RequisitePro

Software version: 7.1.3

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1622066

Modified date: 22 January 2013

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