The APM UI no data provider, no instances

Technote (troubleshooting)


The REST service must be enabled in the TEPS for data to be displayed in the APM UI.


The APM is no longer showing data.


Something in the environment has changed and the REST service has been disabled.

Resolving the problem

[root@itcamsrv bin]# ./itmcmd config -A cq
Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server will be stopped during configuration. Do you want to continue? [1=Yes, 2=No] (Default is: 2): 1
Agent configuration started...
Edit "Common event console for IBM Tivoli Monitoring" settings? [ 1=Yes, 2=No ] (default is: 1): 2

Will this agent connect to a TEMS? [1=YES, 2=NO] (Default is: 1):
TEMS Host Name (Default is: itcamsrv):

Network Protocol [ip, sna, ip.pipe, or ip.spipe] (Default is: ip.pipe):

Now choose the next protocol from one of these:
- ip
- sna
- ip.spipe
- 0 for none
Network Protocol 2 (Default is: 0):
IP.PIPE Port Number (Default is: 1918):
Enter name of KDC_PARTITION [type 0 for null] (Default is: 0):

Enter Optional Primary Network Name or 0 for "none" (Default is: 0):
Enable SSL for TEP Clients (1=Yes, 2=No)(Default is: 2):
Notice: Embedded TEPS DB is not supported for distributed cluster configurations.
Which database would you like to use for TEPS (1=Embedded, 2=DB2)(Default is: 1):
Notice: The Warehouse DB must be an existing database, no new database will be created automatically.
Are you using DB2, Oracle or None for Warehouse? [1=DB2, 2=Oracle, 3=None] (Default is: 3):

LDAP Security: Validate User with LDAP ? (1=Yes, 2=No)(Default is: 2):
Enable ITM REST service ? (1=Yes, 2=No)(Default is: 2): 1

--Note: this is what you want to do to enable the REST service.
... running

After the reconfiguration of TEPS, start the TEPS server by issuing:
./itmcmd agent start cq

Wait for a few minutes and then data should appear on APM UI.

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