SELINUX not supported with InfoSphere BigInsights 2.0

Technote (troubleshooting)


InfoSphere BigInsights 2.0 does not support Security-Enhanced Linux (SELINUX).


When installing InfoSphere BigInsights 2.0, you might see the following error message if SELINUX is enabled on your system:

ERROR PriorChecker - 255 -- selinux configuration not compatible - SELINUX=enforcing

Resolving the problem

You must disable SELINUX and then run the installation program again.

  1. On the computer where you installing InfoSphere BigInsights, navigate to the /etc/selinux/config directory.
  2. In the config file, set the value for SELINUX to disabled. For example, SELINUX=disabled.
  3. Save and close the config file.
  4. Run the InfoSphere BigInsights installation program again.

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