Unable to add new attributes in existing event class in EIF Slot Customization

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Trying to add new attributes in existing event class in EIF Slot Customization, not able to create any new row in Base Slot and Extended Slot section of each Event Class. ITM documentation states, For adding new row in EIF Slot Customization, need to right click on Base Slot or Extended Slot column and select 'Add New Row' option. But right clicking on the Slot section, just see 'Delete Row' option.

Resolving the problem

If it is one of the pre-defined event classes, then rows cannot be inserted into the extended slot section, they can only be deleted. The reason is, allowing the users to add slots will likely cause the event to incur a parsing error.

If a user needs to add a slot to the pre-defined class, they should.
1- update the baroc for the apps at the TEC server.
2- run the 'tedgen' utility to regenerate the attribute services XML
3- move the XML file to the TEPS.
4- point the TEPS to the XML file by adding a variable
(KFW_MCS_XML_FILES=$dir/$file) to the TEPS environment
5- restart the TEPS
Next time the EIF event map editor is opened, the class should have
the added slot in the extended section.

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