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Data Direct Datasource License Expires

Technote (troubleshooting)


Upon attempting connection to database we receive the following error:

madsql: STATE=HY000, CODE=6060, MSG=[InitiateSystems][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver]You are not licensed to use this DataDirect Technologies product under the license you have purchased. If you wish to purchase a license for use with this application, then you may use this product for a period of 15 days, during which time you are required to obtain a license.


The system can not find the Data Direct licence key

Resolving the problem

We do provide the ODBC data direct drivers with the software and there should not be a need for a separate license key. However, we have seen this issue in the past with other customers.

Please review these settings and adjust them as needed.

  1. Confirm that you have the file Ddo6.lic on $MAD_ROOTDIR/bin and not on $MAD_ROOTDIR/lib
  2. Check that you PATH have access to license file Ddo6.lic on $MAD_ROOTDIR/bin e.g. export PATH=$PATH:$MAD_ROOTDIR/bin
  3. The LD_LIBRARY_PATH should include the $MAD_ROOTDIR/lib directory in it. e.g. export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:$MAD_ROOTDIR/lib
  4. The ulimit settings for the user account running the application could be set too low for open files, causing the license file to not be accessible. e.g. ulimit -a

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Modified date: 18 February 2014

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