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The new option -qhelp is added in a PTF to display the man page

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Since the November 2012 PTFs for XL C/C++ for BG/Q, V12.1 and XL Fortran for BG/Q, V14.1, the new -qhelp option must be specified when invoking the compiler to display the man page.


The behavior of the compiler being invoked without any options and source files has been changed.

The previous behavior was to display the man page, whereas the current behavior is to issue an error message and exit with a non-zero return code.

This change improves workflow in automatic builds.

For example, the XL C/C++ for BG/Q, V12.1 compiler behaves as follows:

$ bgxlc
/usr/bin/bgxlc: 1501-294 (S) No input file specified. Please use -qhelp for
more information.

To display the man page when invoking the compiler, the new option -qhelp must be specified.

$ bgxlc -qhelp
$ bgxlf -qhelp

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Software Development XL Fortran for Blue Gene/Q Compiler Blue Gene/Q 14.1

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More support for: XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q

Software version: 12.1

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: 1621895

Modified date: 2014-12-06