What does the value of REPROCESS affect?

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What does the value of REPROCESS affect?


User clicks "Help - About Frango". Inside this screen, there is a value for REPROCESS.


REPROCESS changes the behaviour of the Consolidator client when more than one user tries to add new records to the same (FoxPro database) data table at exactly the same time.

  • If the file is busy (i.e. the exact same millisecond two users tries to do this simultaneously) then the system will retry as many times as the REPROCESS factor indicates before it gives up.

Resolving the problem

The value for REPROCESS is the number of times that the Consolidator client program will attempt to re-try updating the FoxPro database file, in the event that it encounters a problem.

  • By default, this value is 1
  • For many customers, the recommended value is 300
  • The value -2 means that it will try an infinite number of times until it can read the database.

Steps to change the value of REPROCESS:

Ask each of the end users to perform the following steps:

  1. Launch Consolidator
  2. Click "Maintain - Installation - Local Preferences"
  3. Add/modify the value as appropriate, for example: REPROCESS=300

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