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How to install Rational Test Workbench from the command line

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How do you install IBM Rational Test Workbench (RTW) without a graphical interface?


You are installing RTW on a server that has no graphical display or you want to automate installation so that it requires no user input.


This technote gives two solutions:

  • Run the installation process in console mode such that it uses only text menus and does not require a graphical display.
  • Record an installation and play it back. This allows you to easily repeat installations on multiple machines, and also does not require a graphical display.

See the Installing sections of the IBM Rational Test Workbench Information Center and IBM Installation Manager Information Center when you follow these instructions.

You install and update IBM software through the IBM Installation Manager (IM). You need to install the Installation Manager before the RTW components. You can install IM silently from the command line.


The imcl program is used to install and run IM on the command line using text menus that do not require a graphical environment. You will see all of the options that are available in the GUI version.

See the Working in console mode sections of the IM documentation for full details. A summary of the process is given here.

  1. Extract the installation images to a common folder.

    For example to install IBM Rational Integration Tester (RIT) you would need the following:

    RTW_SETUP - IM pre-configured to install RTW components

  2. Navigate to the tools folder inside the architecture folder that matches your system.
    For example when using RTW Setup on 32-bit Linux:

    cd /root/DownloadDirector/RTW_SETUP/InstallerImage_linux_gtk_x86/tools

  3. Run: ./imcl -c

  4. Follow the text menus to install your products and use Preferences > Repositories to add products that are not already included in the configuration.

    Locate the diskTag.inf files, for example for IBM Rational Integration Tester Agent (RIT-Agent):


  • If IM is already installed you must run imcl from the eclipse/tools folder within the installed version.
    For example on Linux navigate as shown:

    cd /opt/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools

    ./imcl -c

  • When installing RIT and RIT-Agent, Library Manager must be run to configure options and 3rd-party libraries.
    You can run this on the command line.
    See the Library Manager sections lower down this technote and also refer to the Library Manager sections of the RTW and RIT Information Centers.


To automate the installation process, Installation Manager enables you to create response files that contain the settings and parameters entered during an interactive installation using a graphical display. The response file is later used during automated and "headless" installations.

The procedure comprises of the following stages:

  1. Creation of the response file for silent install
  2. Product licensing
  3. Installation on the target computer


  1. Consult the Rational Test Workbench Release Notes to verify the required version of Installation Manager.

  2. Obtain the installation image for IM and install it on a test computer.
    See document Installation Manager, Version 1.6 for download locations and installation instructions.

  3. Download the RTW installation image and extract it to a temporary location.

  4. Run IM and configure it to point to the RTW components.

    Click File > Preferences > Repositories and click the Add Repository button.
    Browse to the location of the RTW files and select the diskTag.inf or repository.config file.

    Add repositories for each component you are installing.

  5. Save your changes and exit IM.

  6. Run IM on the command line and give the filename of the installation responses.

    The IBMIM program location is in the eclipse subfolder of IM.

    Windows: IBMIM -record <response file path and name> -log <log file path and name>

    Other operating systems: ./IBMIM -record <response file path and name> -log <log file path and name>

    For example:
    ./IBMIM -record /opt/IBM/RTW_responsefile.xml -log /opt/ibm/RTW_log.xml

  7. Follow the on-screen installation procedure and exit IM when done. Your responses are saved to file.

  8. Run Library Manager for Rational Integration Tester and Rational Integration Tester Agent as required.

    Configure any 3rd-party JAR files and save the settings.

  9. Run Library Manager again on the command line to save the settings to a file that may be used on the target system.

    Windows: LibConfig -genLibSettings <settings file path and name>

    Other systems: ./LibConfig -genLibSettings <settings file path and name>

    For example:
    ./LibConfig -genLibSettings /opt/IBM/RIT_libsettings.xml

  10. See the attached sample response file of a RIT installation. You can edit this file to suit your requirements and re-use it with IM.


To automate licensing configuration you must re-run IM and create a new response file with the licensing settings saved within it. For example, you need to configure the use of a floating licence server.


  1. Obtain the installation image for IBM Installation Manager (IM) and extract to a temporary location.

  2. Copy your response file onto the computer.

  3. Open a command prompt in the directory where IM was extracted to.

  4. Install IM on the command line.

    Windows: installc -acceptLicense

    Other systems: ./installc -acceptLicense

  5. Obtain the installation images for RTW and extract to a temporary location.

    Ensure that this location is the same as that used when creating the response file.
    Edit the response file when using a different temporary location.

  6. Install RTW on the command line.

    Change directory to the eclipse/tools sub-folder.

    Windows: imcl input <response file path and name> -acceptLicense

    Other systems: ./imcl input <response file path and name> -acceptLicense

    For example:
    ./imcl input /opt/IBM/RTW_response.xml -acceptLicense

  7. Complete the licensing configuration if required.

    Repeat the imcl command, this time using the license response file.

    For example:
    ./imcl input /opt/IBM/RTW_license_response.xml -acceptLicense

  8. Run Library Manager on the command line for Rational Integration Tester and Rational Integration Tester Agent as required.

    Take the Library Manager settings file saved on the test machine and edit to suit.

    Windows: LibConfig -processLibSettings <settings file path and name>

    Other systems: ./LibConfig -processLibSettings <settings file path and name>

    For example:
    ./LibConfig -processLibSettings /opt/IBM/RIT_libsettings.xml

The RTW components installation starts.


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