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How to make WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console display local language for WebSphere Service Registry and Repository?

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As a WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) user, how can I set WebSphere Application Server (WAS) administrative console display in local language?


Procedure to display WAS Admin console in native language (eg: Japanese) for customers running WSRR v7.5 on WebSphere Application Server 7.0



The client machine that accesses the Admin Console, must have the local language package installed. On Windows, you can do it by Control Panel -> Region and Language options -> Language, check 'Install files for East Asian Languages'. After the language files are installed, reboot your machine. Then select the local language in which you wish to view the Admin Console (for eg: 'Japanese' in standards and format and select Location as 'Japan').

For customers using silent installation of WSRR, use the steps below to install the language pack:

1. Use the response fiile located in <WSRR Media Directory>/responsefiles/template_response.xml. Make a backup copy of the file, and add following bold sections.

<profile installLocation="C:/IBM2/WebSphere/ServiceRegistry" id="IBM WebSphere Application Server - ND">
<data key="eclipseLocation" value="C:/IBM2/WebSphere/ServiceRegistry"/>
<data key="" value="ja"/>
<data key="," value="yes"/>

<install modify="true">
<offering id="" profile="IBM WebSphere Application Server - ND" features="core.feature,consoleLanguagesSupport.feature,runtimeLanguagesSupport.feature,import.configLauncher.feature,import.productProviders.feature"/>
<offering id="" profile="IBM WebSphere Application Server - ND" features=""/>
<offering id="" profile="IBM WebSphere Application Server - ND" features=""/>

A reference response file template is provided as an attachment.

2. Execute the following command to silently install WSRR:

<WSRR Media Directory/IM/installc --launcher.ini <silent installation ini file(default)> -acceptLicense -input <response file> -log <log path>

3. After a successful installation, start the Applciation Server and edit JVM parameters:
In the Administration Console, selecting Servers > WebSphere application servers > server_name > Java and Process Management > Process Definition > Java Virtual Machine and adding "-Duser.language=ja" in Generic JVM arguments.

4. Restart server for the above to take effect

5. Log in to the Administrative Console which will be displayed in local language

Please note:

1. This is a generic method to display WAS administrative console in languages other than English
2. This method is verified using WSRR v7.5 on WebSphere Applciation Server v7.0.
3. Besides the items in bold in step 1, users also need to fill all other required values in response file as described in the referenced topic "Response file for silent installation"

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