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ccmsrv status erroneously reports "There is a total of 0 databases"

Technote (troubleshooting)


Running the "ccmsrv status" command on the Rational Synergy server in a UNIX/Informix installation shows that the server is online, but that there is a total of 0 databases, even though one or more databases exist and are operational.


When running the ccmsrv status command on a UNIX Rational Synergy server that uses Informix, there are certain conditions that can cause the command to report 0 databases, even though there are one or more databases that exist and are running.

For example:

ccmsrv status

*** database server synergy ***

server number: 1
state: On-Line
maximum users allowed: 40
number of users: 28
archive device: /dev/null
network service: synergy

Database List:

Informix Dbname Version Database Path
==================== ========== =======================

There is a total of 0 databases.


The executable called by the ccmsrv status command ($CCM_HOME/bin/dbutil/ccmdb_names_inf) is owned by the root user and informix group. It has the SUID bit set so that it runs as the root user when ccmsrv status calls it.

There are a variety of conditions that have been reported to prevent this command from producing the correct results:

- Permission and/or ownership of $CCM_HOME/bin/dbutil/ccmdb_names_inf has been altered.
- $CCM_HOME resides on an NFS filesystem mounted with the 'nosuid' option.
- The permission of the current working directory does not allow the process to write to it.
- The path '.' or some other system path is in front of the $CCM_HOME/bin in the PATH.
- There are messages in $CCM_HOME/informix/log/<servername>.log indicating that the informix user has been locked out of the system.

Resolving the problem

To ensure that none of the above conditions occur, perform the following steps:

1. As user root, set CCM_HOME and set PATH to include $CCM_HOME/bin at the front of the path run the command 'ccm_install -c' to correct the file permissions and ownerships under $CCM_HOME.

2. Check the mount point on the volume on which $CCM_HOME resides using the 'mount' command. Examine the options used for the presence of the 'nosuid' option. If found, re-mount the volume without this option.

3. Check that the current working directory from which you are running the ccmsrv status command has permissions 755. If you cannot change permissions on the current directory, change it to a different directory that has these permissions and run the command from there.

4. Check your current PATH environment variable. Ensure that $CCM_HOME/bin is at the FRONT of the path.

5. Verify that the informix user has not been locked out of the system. For more details, see

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