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WebSphere MQ iSeries cold start DLTJRN command fails when using MIMIX

Technote (troubleshooting)


If you are using MIMIX to replicateWebSphere MQ (WMQ then step 2, DLTJRN JRN(Qmgrlib/AMQAJRN), of the WMQ for iSeries cold start may fail with either a CPF70EA or a CPF70E1, Cannot delete journal &1 in &2.


If you are performing the WMQ for iSeries cold start procedure and encounter a problem deleting the AMQAJRN journal because you have MIMIX(product of VISION Solutions)deployed to replicate your queue manager(s) then you will have to end the data group for the queue manager before you can proceed.

Resolving the problem

The data group for the queue manager must be ended before you can proceed.

If you are unfamiliar with how to end the data group then some general steps follow:

1) Go to the MIMIX Main Menu
2) Go to the Work with the Data Groups display
3) Locate the Data Group for the queue manager
4) End the Data Group with options
Note: This may take a few minutes based on the amount of data being replicated

5) Go to the Work with Remote Journal Links display(Option on Mimix Configuration Menu).
Verify remote journaling has ended for the data group by reviewing the remote journal
links. It should have a status of INACTIVE.
6) Return to WMQ for iSeries cold start procedure and issue DLTJRN JRN(Qmgrlib/AMQAJRN)
This command should now complete successfully.

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