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Collect troubleshooting data for problems with IBM WebSphere Data Interchange. Gathering this information before calling IBM support will help familiarize you with the troubleshooting process and save you time.

Resolving the problem

This document describes how to collect troubleshooting data specifically for when you have a WebSphere Data Interchange mapping question or are experiencing unexpected translation results.

Mapping question or issue involving transformation or translation

If running WDI translation and you are encountering an issue with the map or have been requested by support to provide the map and test case for problem recreate, then please gather the required information, as applicable:

1) WDI Print File (PRTFILE) Audit Trail Report -DataInterchange Utility-
    - AIX or Windows physical file associated with logical name PRTFILE, e.g.
      If using ediservr, check command file: set file(PRTFILE,prtfile);
      If using Advanced Adapter (wdiserver):
        WDI.PRTFILE.Q is the default queue name. If not currently being saved, you can force WDI to write to this queue by setting "genprtfile=always" in the file. The adapter will need to be restarted for the changes to take effect.
        Or, the physical file as specified in Service profile's Data Reference for File Name PRTFILE
    - z/OS dataset associated with ddname PRTFILE
    - CICS default Temporary Storage Queue name PRTFILE

2) Input file. Also describe where in the input file the translation symptom stems from; such as a record number and offset within the record.
If the input is a queue, use a WMQ utility which preserves the MQ header, such as RFHUtil "Save File" function or mqput2 utility available in IH03 SupportPac - WBI Message Broker V6 - Message display, test and performance utilities

3) Output file. And, if the symptom involves incorrect output, then also provide an expected output file or a description as to where in the output the translation symptom can be seen; such as a record number and offset within the record.
If the output is on a queue, use a WMQ utility which preserves the MQ header as in previous step.

4) "Export to File" of the map in question. When exporting the map from WDI Client, choose UTF-8 encoding and Tagged format, as shown:

Click OK and then enter a new "eif" file name with PMR number within it, e.g. xxxxx.bbb.ccc_map_name.eif. The file name you enter will be created for you.

On the "Export to File" dialog, then be sure click the "Select All" button so that all of the associated objects for the map are included, but uncheck the trading partner "Control numbers" box as this includes extraneous information.

For example, "Export to File" dialog for a DT map:

For example, "Export to File" dialog for a Send or Receive map:

5) If a DT map, and it involves XML on either side, then also export your XML dictionary. To do this, go to the XML functional area, click on the "XML Dictionary" tab, then export your dictionary to the same eif file as used for the map. Alternatively, you can include your <schema>.xsd or <DTD>.dtd file.

6) If requested by Support, capture a Data Transformation trace by adding TRACELEVEL(A2) to your PERFORM TRANSFORM command and allocate the EDIDTTRC trace file as follows:
    - AIX command: export EDIDTTRC=trace.out
    - Windows command: set EDIDTTRC=trace.out
    - z/OS dataset, or SYSOUT, associated with ddname EDIDTTRC
    - CICS dataset, or SYSOUT, associated with ddname CEEOUT

7) Zip/compress the eif export file along with the other requested files.

Submitting information to IBM Support

After a PMR is open, you can submit diagnostic MustGather data to IBM. If using Service Request (SR), update the PMR to indicate that data has been sent.

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