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DB2 Agent failed to start when monitor DB2 10.1 FP1 or DB2 9.7 FP7

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DB2 Agent failed to start when monitoring DB2 V10.1 FP1 or DB2 V9.7 FP7


When starting the DB2 agent 622 to monitor DB2 9.7 FP7 or DB2 agent 71 to monitor DB2 9.7 FP7 or DB2 10.1 FP1 , the DB2 Agent fails with error message:

KCIIN2208E Unsupported DB2 version detected with db2level command.
KCIIN0206E Could not start/stop agent : java.util.NoSuchElementException


ITM APAR IV18026 and IV29900 added to support DB2 V10.1 and V10.1 FP1. DB2 V10.1 FP1 changed the interface used by ITM to determine the DB2 version and its characteristics such that ITM can no longer determine the information it needs. DB2 V9.7 FP7 has the same change.


Unix and Linux

Resolving the problem

APAR IV29900 changes the ITM install level, specifically the ui component level. Install the fixes for IV29900, then the DB2 Agent works fine. ITM install level of DB2 Agent 7.1 is

There are two options to resolve this problem.

Option 1. Search and download the new refreshed DB2 Agent 7.1 image from Software Sellers Workplace with e-Image part number CIN1CML (eGAed at Jun,13 2013). The refreshed image has updated ITM installer level to 6.23 FP3 which has covered ITM APAR IV29900.

Option 2. Apply provision fix for APAR IV29900.
ITM APAR IV29900 has four packages, they are from IBM internal web site. Please contact IBM support for these images:, 6.2.3-TIV-ITM-FP0002-IV29900, 6.2.2-TIV-ITM-FP0001-IV29900 and 6.2.2-TIV-ITM-FP0009-IV29900.

Please choose correct package based on your target ITM installer level.

How to determine ITM installer level:

1)To determine the ITM installer level currently installed, run the "cinfo -i" command and take note of the numbers after the "Installer Llvl:" string in the header section. In the sample output below the ITM installer level is

# bin/cinfo -i

*********** Wed Feb  6 11:08:47 CST 2013 ******************
User: root Groups: system bin sys security cron audit lp idsldap
Host name : 538d2lp3     Installer Lvl:
CandleHome: /opt/IBM/ITM
...Product inventory

2)To determine the ITM installer level in a product media directory, run the following command and take note of the numbers on each line. In the sample output below the ITM installer level is
egrep '<Version.*>|<Release.*>|<Mod.*>|<Level.*>|</Version>' MEDIADIR/unix/ciunix.dsc

# egrep '<Version.*>|<Release.*>|<Mod.*>|<Level.*>|</Version>' /media/623/fp2/agents/unix/ciunix.dsc

Some examples for how to choose package to apply.

( Important Notes: ITCAM for DB2 6.22 FP1 doesn't support DB2 v10.1 till now. ITCAM for DB2 7.1 can monitor DB2 v10.1 and above.)

Several installation methods are provided for apply IV29900 fixes. Check the readme files before you apply fixes.

The fix for this APAR IV29900 is included in the maintenance 6.2.3-TIV-ITM-FP0003 and ITM release 6.3.0. So the IV29900 patches are no longer required and do not need to be applied to the following releases:
1)06.23 release at or above which is available to customers;
2)06.30 release at or above which is currently available to customers.

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More support for: Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Applications
ITCAM Agent for DB2 - 5724B96DO

Software version: 6.2.2, 7.1

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris

Reference #: 1621737

Modified date: 02 December 2015