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Get the ClearQuest record ID DBID for migrating Rational TestManager to Rational Quality Manager

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How do you get the IBM Rational ClearQuest default record type ID DBID to enter when running the IBM Rational TestManager Migration Utility for IBM Rational Quality Manager?


You are running the Rational TestManager Migration to Rational Quality Manager (RQM). You have integrated Rational TestManager with Rational ClearQuest (CQ). You plan to use the CLM ClearQuest Bridge with RQM and you want to migrate any defect links you have with ClearQuest.
You need the CQ default record type ID DBID to migrate any test artifacts to RQM and have those new artifacts have the links to CQ records. The migration utility You are prompted to enter this in the Utility.


One of the prerequisites to running the migration is to have setup the ClearQuest Bridge with the RQM project area to which you are migrating. For complete instructions, see the Migrating test artifacts from Rational TestManager topic in the CLM Knowledge Center. After completing that activity, perform these steps:

  1. Create a CQ link in RQM. Follow the instructions in the CLM Information Center to create a defect in RQM using the ClearQuest Bridge. Note that you can delete the defect, once you are done. Do not try to use "link to existing" since only a new defect uses the default record type of the CQ schema.

  2. Observe in the URL link this format, where <> is your specific configuration values:

    <http or https>://<CQ Web server:port>/cqweb/oslc/repo/<schema repository connection>/db/<user database>/<dbid>-<record id>

    For example:

  3. The number before the dash is the DBID of the default CQ record type. In the previous example the ID to enter is 16777576. Enter the ID for your environment in the Migration Tool.

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