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How to enable runtime error messages with LANG and NLSPATH

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How do you enable runtime error messages using XL Fortran for Linux?


Runtime error messages are kept in message catalog files and are loaded at run time. This allows error messages in different languages and character sets to be loaded depending on the system's locale. The executable file uses an environment variable, NLSPATH, to find the locations of the required files, or uses the default installation location.
This issue occurs if the runtime error message catalog is not installed in the default location, and the LANG or NLSPATH environment variables are not set. This is common on systems where non-default compiler installations are used. If the catalog is not installed or found at run time, only the error number is given.


To enable runtime error messages, use the following command to export the NLSPATH environment variable in your work environment:

    export NLSPATH=$NLSPATH:
      xlsmprt_path /msg/%L/%N:
      xlrte_path /msg/%L/%N:
      xlcmp_path /xlf/14.1/msg/%L/%N
    xlsmprt_path is the installation location of the SMP packages. By default, this is /opt/ibmcmp/.

    is the installation location of the IBM® XL Fortran for Linux, V14.1 runtime packages. By default, this is /opt/ibmcmp/.

    is the installation location of the IBM® XL Fortran for Linux, V14.1 compiler packages, if installed. By default, this is /opt/ibmcmp/.

Supported languages are listed in the compiler documentation for the release being used, and are selected with the LANG locale environment variable, which is used to substitute the %L parameter in the NLSPATH value. At a minimum, the English language is supported by two locales:
  • en_US
  • en_US.utf8

Note: The en_US.utf8 naming convention may also be defined as en_US.UTF-8 on some systems. In this case, set the system LANG value to en_US.utf8.

For more information, refer to the "Enabling the error messages" section in the XL Fortran Installation Guide.

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