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C&DS does not handle Modeler node name changes in scripts

Technote (troubleshooting)


In Modeler when a node points to a database, the node name will change to reflect the table it points to. A script can be created to execute this table.

A change to the database table name was means the database export node's name changed. The script is manually updated to point to the new database export node name and stored C&DS.


When the job in C&DS executes the script it errors suggesting it cannot find the new node name.

Script example:

For example the stream "A" reads data from a table and performs some processing:
- executes Table Output Node A
- executes Table Output Node B
- executes File Export Node C
- executes DB Export Node D to write final output to
dbo. SCORES results table.

A script is used to control the execution, for example:
- execute "dbo.SCORES"
- execute "A"
- execute "B"
- execute "C"


If a custom name for the table node is not specified, then it will take the name of the table (like dbo.scores).
If the table names is changed (to test.scores for instance), the node name will change as well.

The job step in C&DS can be edited to reflect the new table name, but the script will still look for the node called dbo.temp, and that will cause the job to fail.

Resolving the problem

You need to specify a custom name for the table node.

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