IBM Support fails with 0403-011 error

Technote (troubleshooting)


Trying to use the script to update my Informix datasources results in an error


[root@bigaix1 bin]>./ -d ncim -p netcool

14:28:27 Processing command line parameters.
14:28:27 Collecting TIP information from /opt/IBM/tivoli/netcool.
14:28:27 Getting TIP Administrator name from /opt/IBM/tivoli/tipv2.
14:28:42 Validating all environment variables
14:28:42 Setting up informix-specific database parameters.
./[283]: cognos_dbName_ncpolldata_value="^User ID:^?Password:;LOCAL;IF;${informix_dbname}polldata@${IAGLOBAL_NCIM_HOST}:${informix._servername}|${IAGLOBAL_NCIM_PORT}@%s/%s@COLSEQ=": 0403-011 The specified substitution is not valid for this command.

Resolving the problem

Attached to this technote is an updated script that will resolve this issue. This is only valid for v3.9 FP2(builds 68 or 71). You can check your build number via "ncp_ctrl -version".

Document information

More support for: Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition
Topology Server

Software version: 3.9

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Solaris

Software edition: FP2

Reference #: 1621614

Modified date: 05 December 2016

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