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How to delete Test Suite Results in RIT or GH Tester

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How do you delete "Test Suite Results" in IBM Rational Integration Tester (RIT) or Green Hat Tester (GH Tester)?


The Database has lots of records which slow down the Results Gallery performance.


The results of one or more Test Suite instances can be deleted from the project database directly by following either of below processes :

A. Deleting Results from the Results Gallery

  1. In Rational Integration Tester’s main toolbar, click the Delete icon.

  2. After clicking the icon, the Delete Results dialog will be displayed with providing you several options how to delete result data.

  3. To delete only the displayed results (that is, those of the currently selected Test Suite instance), enable the Delete currently shown results option.

  4. To delete multiple result sets for the selected suite, enable the Delete results up to and including option and enter the date for which all results and all earlier results should be deleted.
  • When deleting multiple results, wild-card options can delete a broader range of data:
  • For ALL suites lets you delete results for all test suites before and including the selected date.
  • For ALL projects lets you delete all test suite results in all projects within the database before and including the selected date.

B. Deleting Results from the Command Line

Use the GHTesterCmd executable (the Command line), which can be found in the root of the Green Hat Tester or Rational Integration Tester installation (by default - C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalIntegrationTester) with following syntax..

GHTesterCmd -p <project> delete-all-results-keeping PnYnMnD


  • <project> specifies the full path to the Rational Integration Tester project (*.ghp) from which results should be deleted.
  • PnYnMnD specifies how much data should be kept, represented in years (nY), months (nM), or days (nD).

For Example:
If you delete all results older than 90 days, the following command might be issued:

GHTesterCmd -p C:\GHProjects\HTTP\http.ghp delete-all-resultskeeping P90D

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