Connections are not working for an X amount of time after a DVIPA takeover

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After the DVIPA is taken over by another stack as a result of the orignal stack being taken down, all connections to the DVIPA address fail for an X amount of time.


A packet trace on the stack where the DVIPA moved to shows that the external router is not forwarding any packets to the new stack for an X amount of time.


After the DVIPA moves to another stack, the stack where the DVIPA has just moved to immediately sends out a route update broadcast. The external router, however, does not use this new route until the original route to the stack where the DVIPA was previously at is dead. In other words, it takes an X amount of time that is equal to the dead router interval for the external router to drop the current route and start using the new route. When the new route is not yet used, connections to the DVIPA would fail.

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