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Active Session Table Entries require an 8K Page Size in release 6.1.5

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October 2012 and later 6.1.4 Lotus Mobile Connect (LMC) builds, and all 6.1.5 IBM Moble Connect (IMC) builds running on AIX or Linux require a larger 8KB page size for Active Session Table (AST) entries. Windows already uses an 8K page space by default so there is no action required on that platform. Also, new installs will set this up automatically. This should be done prior to the IMC update and will not cause an outage. Also, its only needed if db2 instance does not already use an 8K pagesize


To query current tablepspaces:
db2 connect to wgdata
db2 list tablespaces show detail

To add a table space, on the DB2 server:

Make sure to put in the correct path for your system in the second to last step.

su - <instance id>
db2 connect to wgdata
db2 create bufferpool lmcastBP size 1000 pagesize 8K
db2 connect reset
db2 connect to wgdata
db2 create tablespace lmcastTS pagesize 8K managed by system using ('/home/wgdb/wgdb/NODE0000/SQL00001/lmcastTS.0') BUFFERPOOL lmcastBP
db2 connect reset

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Software version: 6.1.5,,

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux

Reference #: 1621534

Modified date: 2013-01-02