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Tivoli Storage Manager server directory permissions

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It may be desired to modify the permissions of the various directories that a Tivoli Storage Manager server instance uses. This document describes the minimum permissions.

Resolving the problem

On unix the directories of concern are the database directory, the log directories, the instance directory and the DSMI_LOG directory. For the database and log directories, both the user that is running the Tivoli Storage Manager server instance as well as the user that created the DB2 instance (usually the same but not always) need to have read/write permission. For instance if tsminst1 is the instance owner but root is used to run the server, both root and tsminst1 need to have read/write permissions to all the directories.
For the server instance directory, only the user running the server needs to have read/write permission. The same applies for the DSMI_LOG directory (where the dsierror.log is written when the client API is invoked for the database backup).

So as long as the user that runs the server is the user that created the DB2 instance, these directories can be chmod'd to use 700. Also, the location of the following need to be considered :

  • device configuration file
  • volume history file
  • disk and/or file storage pool volumes
  • fileexit and/or filetextexit file
  • DRM plan prefix
  • accounting log file
These would need read/write permission for the instance userid running the server.

The DB2 instance users home directory also contains the DB2 sqllib directory. This directory as well as the many subdirectories have special permissions on them, that are not 700. These must not be changed.

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