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ISM restore results in return code 147

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A restore from backup is performed using Onbar and an Informix Storage Manager (ISM) Backup. The restore fails with Return Code 147. This return code indicates 'No backup list'.

A simplified example illustrates the origin of the problem. Given a sequence of savesets in a period from A to B, which we will display as 'A:1,2,3,4:B', and reference as 'Volume AB'. The retention period is set to this most recent volume. For some reason, saveset 4 is not available and the desired task is to restore to saveset 3. When the restore is attempted, the restore fails and the 147 return code is present.


ISM uses a media catalog that maps out the sequence of how a restore can proceed. A missing saveset in the volume makes the catalog inconsistent. The catalog needs to be repaired in order to restore any saveset from the volume.

Resolving the problem

  1. Recreate the catalog by piecing it back together from the existing backup saveset, using the command: ' ism_catalog -recreate from device'
  2. At this point you could restore from the recreated saveset, or select a Point In Time (PIT) and restore to a previous saveset in the volume, using a PIT restore.

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