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How to remove existing HADR configuration

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How to remove HADR configuration?


Use the following procedure to remove your current settings for HADR configuration:

1- Stop HADR in both servers (Primary and StandBy)

    stop hadr on database <database>

2- Clean up the HADR configuration parameters from both databases:

    HADR_LOCAL_HOST: HADR local host name
    HADR_LOCAL_SVC: HADR local service name
    HADR_REMOTE_HOST: HADR remote host name
    HADR_REMOTE_SVC: HADR remote service name
    HADR_REMOTE_INST: HADR instance name of remote server

    You can use the commands below (note that NULL must be in UPPER case):
    db2 "update db cfg for <database> using HADR_LOCAL_HOST NULL "
    db2 "update db cfg for <database> using HADR_LOCAL_SVC NULL "
    db2 "update db cfg for <database> using HADR_REMOTE_HOST NULL "
    db2 "update db cfg for <database> using HADR_REMOTE_SVC NULL "
    db2 "update db cfg for <database> using HADR_REMOTE_INST NULL"

Please note that you need to execute the above commands for both databases (Primary and StandBy).

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Modified date: 18 November 2015