Understanding token license consumption when multiple license keys are assigned to a single user in CLM 4.0 products

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What is the token license consumption for CLM 4.0 (IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management) products when multiple license keys are assigned to a single user?


If a single user is assigned multiple licenses in CLM 4.0 products, then the license with the highest token value will be consumed by the product from IBM Rational License Key Server.

For example:

If you have been assigned the following license keys in CLM 4.0:

  • "Rational Quality Manager - Quality Professional-Token" (X tokens)
  • "Rational Team Concert - Developer-Token" (Y tokens).

Where X is greater than Y { x > y}

If you launch IBM Rational Team Concert, X tokens (highest token value) will be consumed since you have been assigned a "Rational Quality Manager - Quality Professional-Token".

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Software Development Rational Requirements Composer Licensing Windows 4.0,, 4.0.1
Software Development Rational Quality Manager Licensing Windows 4.0,, 4.0.1

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