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Upgrade from PSW 2.2 to ISHP-W 2.2.2 Causes Temporary Network Disruption

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Will your network connection be affected when you update Proventia Server for Windows 2.2 to IBM Security Host Protection for Windows 2.2.2?


During the upgrade, our issnfh driver is replaced. This requires that we stop the Network Interface Card drivers, insert our new driver and then restart the NIC drivers.


This driver replacement can have unintended consequences. At the least, there will be a temporary loss of the server's network connection lasting a few seconds as the NIC is restarted. At worst, it can cause disruption of cluster services and possibly cause a change in the binding order the NICs on the server.

Because of this, we strongly suggest that you install this upgrade during a change control window and closely monitor it for any possible side effects. Treat this as if it were a new application installation.

If the above information does not resolve your issue, please contact IBM Security Systems Customer Support.

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More support for: IBM Security Host Protection

Software version: 2.2.2

Operating system(s): Windows

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 1621276

Modified date: 09 January 2013

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