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Configuring Host Protection for Windows Server (HPWS) with a specific IP address to use when contacting SiteProtector

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How do you configure a specific IP address for HPWS to use when it communicates to the SiteProtector server?


On servers with a multi homed NICs, the Host Protection for Windows Server (or Proventia Server for Windows, PSW) agent may report in to SiteProtector with any interface. This is the default behavior. You may prefer to configure the agent to only report to SiteProtector using a specific IP address. This can be accomplished by entering the IP as an advanced parameter in the blackice.ini file. This does not affect agent's protection of the server. The agent will still actively monitor all interfaces but will show up in the console listed as the IP address that is specified in the advanced parameter. The steps for configuring the server to use a specific IP address are listed below:

  • Right click the entry for the agent in the task bar and select Stop Agent.
  • Navigate to the agent's directory on the server.
  • Open the blackice.ini file in a text editor.
  • Enter the follow parameter at the bottom of the file:
    Note: X.X.X.X is the IP address that you wish for the agent to use when reporting to SiteProtector.
    Example: If the agent should report in using, you would add the following parameter:
  • Save the file.
  • Right click the entry for the agent in the task bar and select Start Agent.

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Security IBM Security Host Protection Proventia Server Windows 2.2.2

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