WebSphere Business Integration (WBI) Adapter for Siebel timeouts: unable to process large orders

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Adapter receives an error when trying to process an event in the event table for a large order.


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The following error is received when the Adapter tries to process an event in the event table for a large order:

OMRPC Request xxx on connection xxx was abandoned after 600133 ms
because it timed out. (SBL-JCA-317)


The siebel.conmgr.txtimeout property indicates the transaction timeout in milliseconds. By default it is set to 600000 = 10 minutes.

Resolving the problem

Create a siebel.properties file and set siebel.conmgr.txtimeout to a higher value. Refer to the following document for details:


Then add siebel.properties to the Seibel Adapter, such as CWSiebel.jar if you are not changing the name of the default Siebel Adapter.

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