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After upgrading to IBM Security Host Protection 2.2.2 (ISHP), the license count has exceeded the license limit

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IBM Security Host Protection 2.2.2 license count has exceeded the license limit.


License count is exceeded in the license view. Some agents may not apply XPU updates.


ISHP 2.2.2 has a new license mechanism that requires new keys. Since existing customers are still using the old keys the agent was designed to be compatible with both license systems. The issue occurs if you are using the old license and migrate to the new one. Under some circumstances, this can cause licenses to be double counted and cause clients to run out of licenses and prevent the deployment of updates.

Resolving the problem

Fixpack has been released to address this issue. It provides fixes for two issues involving how the agent consumes its licenses from SiteProtector.

First issue, the agent incorrectly consumed seat licenses for both, the old Server Protection for Windows and the new Host Protection for Windows products.

The fix addresses this issue by returning both of the licenses and then requesting a single license. The agent requests a seat license for the Host Protection for Windows product first. If that request does not succeed, then the agent requests a seat license for the old Server Protection for Windows product.

The second issue fixed was, when the agent is removed, it does not return the previously acquired seat license. The fixpack addresses this problem by returning the previously acquired license during the agent uninstallation process.

To apply the Fixpack:

  1. Update the Agent Manager by selecting the group that contains the host on which the Agent Manager is installed.

  2. Select the Agent view, and then select the Agent Manager. The Update Status column shows "Out Of Date."

  3. Right-click the Agent Manager, and then select Updates > Apply XPU from the pop-up menu. The Apply XPU window opens.

  4. Select a schedule for the update, and then click Next.

  5. Review the Software License Agreement, and then click I Accept.

  6. In the Select XPU window, select Service Pack, and then verify that update 10.228 is displayed in the Install the following updates list.

  7. Click Finish. The Apply Update Wizard opens and displays the progress of the update.

  8. Verify that 6.9 (SP is displayed in the Version column for the Agent Manager.

  9. Navigate to the Policy view for the agent.

  10. In the Install and Update policy select version and deploy the policy to the agents.

In addition, as a temporary work around, please see Technote #1434750: Resetting licenses in Site Protector to reset the license count. A manual patch can be provided for customers that have run out of licenses before the automatic update is released. Please contact Customer Support if the manual patch is needed.

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