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Steps to install sterling mobile application on WINCE Emulator.

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Given below are steps to install sterling mobile application on WINCE Emulator (on Windows OS).
This can be used for testing purpose, instead of actual RF mobile device.


1. Install Microsoft WinCE Emulator software.

2. Launch Sample CE Device.

3. Navigate to Emulator > Folder Sharing and give the path of Cab file for mobile application.
You can find the cab file in YFS_HOME/YantraMobileApp folder.
4. Go to My Device (on Desktop) > Storage Card.

5. Double click on the required cab file and install in program files. Make sure to take a back up of this cab file or copy paste it to some other place and install since it will be consumed after installation. Note: You may face "Unsupported System version" warning like below. Press "Yes" and proceed.
6. Edit the yantraHostList.xml in “My device/program files/Yantra mobile app” folder. Specify the instance addresses and save.
<YantraHost name =”<any name>” URL=”instance ip:port no”
Note: The IP address should be clearly mentioned. Aliasses like localhost, name of the system should NOT BE mentioned in place of IP address.
7. Launch YantraMobileApp from programs.

8. Login with node user.

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