J2EE Agent localization issue with Japanese language

Technote (troubleshooting)


The installation of TEMA Fixpack 6 may change the ITCAM messages in the TEP, from original Japanese language to the default one (English).

Resolving the problem

Here is the tested sequence of steps to obtain a final FP6 installation with TEP messages in Japanese, as expected:

1) Install ITCAM for J2EE TEMA 6.2 FP4 TEMA successfully

2) Apply ITCAM for J2EE TEMA 6.2 FP5 successfully
and then reconfigure TEPS

3) Install language pack CZ04LML (CZAX1ML is not correct) and then reconfigure TEPS

4) At this point you should have correct language in TEP with the following proper files existing in your installation: kyj_resources_lp.jar and kyj_resource_lp.jar.jnlp

5) Apply ITCAM for J2EE TEMA 6.2 FP6 successfully and then reconfigure TEPS

6) Install language pack fix "6.2.0-TIV-ITCAM_WR_LP-FP006.zip". This needs to be applied if TEP workspaces are reverted back to English after applying FP6.

7) Reconfigure and restart TEPS one last time.

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