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WebSphere BI for FN December 2012 FixPack provides new Administration and Operation Facility and more



WebSphere BI for FN V3.1.1 December 2012 FixPack provides a new Administration and Operation (AO) Facility, significant improvements to the Message Entry and Repair (MER) Facility, and other enhancements.


Base feature changes:

The new Administration and Operation Facility offers a browser-based interface:

  • Use the FIN LT operation component to view the status of all FIN LTs and control their operation.
  • Use the event monitoring component to view WebSphere BI for FN events in real time. You can specify filter criteria to limit which events are displayed.
  • Use the console component to issue commands to any WebSphere BI for FN service. Whenever possible, the console prompts you with helpful information, for example, with lists of Organizational Units, services, or previously entered command parameters.

You can also now create named groups of roles called " role groups", which you can assign to users in the same way that you currently assign a single role to a user. Role groups provide a way to assign several roles at once, which simplifies WebSphere BI for FN security administration.

Message Management feature changes:

  • Improvements to the Message Entry and Repair (MER) Facility:
    • Paging of message lists
    • Ability to sort and filter lists of queues and messages
    • Carry out actions on all messages in a queue
    • Custom actions
  • Support for all MX message types, including syntactical message validation, by the MER Facility and message printing service.
  • New service to import message templates for use by the MER Facility

For more information about these enhancements, refer to the
The enhancements are provided in the following PTFs:

For z/OS:

For Multiplatforms:
  • Base PTF UK90052 (including PTF readme)
  • Message Management PTF UK90053 (including PTF readme)

The Preventive Service Planning (PSP) for z/OS, the Service Information (SI) for Multiplatforms and the Editable tables have also been updated to reflect the changes introduced with these PTFs.

Document information

More support for: WebSphere Business Integration for Financial Networks

Software version: 3.1.1

Operating system(s): AIX, z/OS

Reference #: 1620815

Modified date: 21 December 2012

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