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Room and Resource Character Limitation

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Errors may occur when creating or trying to reserve a room or resource with more than 71 characters in the name.


In one particular case the error "The following rooms/resources are either not available or are
restricted: Room Name/Site Name. Select different rooms/resources to send this invitation" was returned. Other times the room will not be picked up by the RnRMgr task when scanned thus causing the room to appear as non-existent even though it is listed in the Resource Reservation database and in the Domino Directory. The user may experience the error "Name not found".


As of Domino 8.5.1 a 100 character limitation has been added for room or resource names. However, the actual character count that can be displayed is 71 while the other 29 characters are reserved and hidden for calendar profile reasons. The displayed count includes the site name and special characters such as spaces, commas and slashes.


Domino 8.5.1 and later Resource Reservation template (resrc8.ntf)

Diagnosing the problem

The resrc8.ntf template has been modified as of Domino 8.5.1 to prevent room or resource names from exceeding 71 displayed characters. However this change does not pick up on any rooms or resources created with more than 100 characters prior to 8.5.1.

Resolving the problem

Rename any rooms/resources with more than 100 characters to a name containing 71 displayed characters or less.

Note: Only certain characters are allowed when naming the resource. Remember this is a mail-driven database, and any characters that are illegal in mail addresses are also illegal here. The list of allowable characters is shown below:

ampersand ( & )
dash ( - )
underscore ( _ )
apostrophe ( ' )
forward slash ( / )

As of 8.5 the following are invalid characters (Please note that the characters below are invalid in all versions, but validation requirements where not hard coded into the template until 8.5):


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