ITCAM4Tx - kfcm120 generates ./tmaitm6/wrm/<platform>/core files

Technote (troubleshooting)


Using Web Response Time (WRT) agent on Unix system, kfcm120 process generates core files


<ITM_HOME>/tmaitm6/wrm/<platform>/core files generated.


WRT on Unix system

Diagnosing the problem

Use "gdb" or "dbx" tool, or similar, and collect the 'backtrace' on the system where the core files reside, can help to troubleshoot such issue.

Resolving the problem

- Install latest version of WRT agent, currently 7.3 fixpack0001, as this fixpack contains several APAR fixes for kfcm120 crash symptom.

see RT 7.3 fp1 readme :

- If the problem still persists, collect the backtrace for further analysis :
run "gdb" command on the machine on which the crash occurred, and then send to IBM support the backtrace.

example :
# gdb -e <full path to>/kfcm120 -c <full path to>/core<.pid>

(gdb) bt

The output of the bt command will provide the backtrace.

For reference, see technote below, that gives extra details on use of gdb, dbx, etc for Unix platforms:

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itcam itcam4tx itcamfortransactions web response monitor

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Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Transactions

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