Enabling the unlimited logs option for FastBack Mount

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Is there a way to have more than 40 FastBack Mount logs kept at the same time?


Sometimes the FastBack Mount logs are filled with events and messages at a very high rate. Since the Fastback Mount log limitation is 40 log files to be kept at one time, the problem moment can be missed in such cases, making problem troubleshooting difficult.


To enable the unlimited FastBack Mount logs option:

1) Go to the FastBack Mount logs folder

Windows 2008 path: %system drive%\programdata\tivoli\tsm\fastback\mount

Windows 2003 path: %system drive%\application data\all users\tivoli\tsm\fastback\mount

2) Create a file named FAST_BACK_MOUNT.KEP

3) Restart the FastBack Mount service.

Note: Monitor the FastBack Mount log growth to avoid the system disk getting full. Disable the unlimited FastBack Mount logs option when the troubleshooting stage is finished and the logs are collected.

To disable the unlimited FastBack Mount logs option:

1) Erase the FAST_BACK_MOUNT.KEP file.

2) Restart the FastBack Mount service.

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