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Only the URIs of Rational DOORS Requirements are shown in Rational Team Concert Requirements Selection dialog

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to create a work item from requirements using the Plans-Implements Requirement Collection feature of IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) shows only URLs instead of a requirement's dcterms:title


How the dialog can look:


This can occur when there a mismatch in the dwaPort registered with Rational DOORS and that set in the published.url.prefix parameter in Rational DOORS Web Access (DWA)

To verify if this is the issue, open the properties of a Rational DOORS module and note its exact URL.


Edit the <DWA Install folder>\server\festival\config\festival.xml file

Note the value for the parameter published.url.prefix

The protocol, hostname and port there must match exactly the hostname in the module's properties.

Example: <f:property name="published.url.prefix" value=""/>

This does not match. In Rational DOORS, it is 443; In DWA no port has been explicitly set. It must be set for this parameter.

Resolving the problem


  1. Correct the value in DWA

    In this example, change it to:
    <f:property name="published.url.prefix" value=""/>

  2. Restart DWA

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