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During a large restore of stubs with a no query restore, the performance can be affected by antivirus software


During the restore, instead of seeing several files by seconds scroll on the screen, there is longer delay between files than for a typical restore without HSM. For example up to a second per file instead of multiple files per second.


During a no query restore, which is the default in most cases, stubs are restored to a temporary directory called ~tsmtemp, then after processing moved to their final destination. The anti-virus software is scanning the file during the move adding a delay.


HSM for Windows with anti-virus software

Diagnosing the problem

Determine if Anti-Virus is running and also determine if performing a Classic or a NoQuery restore.

Resolving the problem

There are 2 possible options:
1. Use a Classic restore instead (refer to Related Information section)
2. Or disable the Antivirus software

If the restore is already under way and it's not feasible to restart the restore, disabling the Antivirus software either for the machine or the drive(s) being restored will give immediate improvement in performance.

Related information

How to force a classic restore

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