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Accessing a module in Rational DOORS results in "Error while parsing file... expecting index" error

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Attempts to access a module in IBM Rational DOORS results in the error "Error while parsing file... expecting index".


When you try to open a module in Rational DOORS you will get the following error:

DOORS report
Error while parsing file '/v6data/e0/20/m00002dee.mod/views/views.ix' at line 1: expecting index

Error screen:


While accessing a Rational DOORS module's views index file (views.ixc) is read during a module open operation. If the views.ixc file is corrupt, it prevents accessing the module.

Resolving the problem

To resolve this, you will have to rename the views.ixb file to views.ixc. Apply the following steps:

  1. Stop the Rational DOORS server

  2. In the directory specified in the error, search for the file views.ixc. This is the current version

  3. Rename the current version of the problem file views.ixc to views.bak

  4. Make a copy of the backup version of the file views.ixb and rename the copy so that it has the current name i.e., views.ixc

    Note: The name should be identical to the backup version except that the very last letter in the file extension b in the suffix should be changed to c.

    Example: views.ixb becomes views.ixc

  5. Start the Rational DOORS server

    The Rational DOORS Module will be opened without the above mentioned error.

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Modified date: 18 December 2012

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