Documents limitations for IBM Docs 1.0.2

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Documents limitations for IBM Docs 1.0.2


  • List items might not align well
  • Copy/paste of a list between documents might result in different styles
  • Copy/paste in multilevel list might result in an item being at the wrong level
  • After exporting or copy/paste, some table border styles might not be correct
  • The content can overlap when there are unsupported anchor types for shapes, images, and text boxes
  • Image links can be lost when exporting to ODF or Microsoft Office format
  • Multiple page layout in one document is not supported
  • Table column width might not be preserved when exporting
  • Paragraph background color on left is not the same as in ODF or Microsoft Office format when the text indentation is a negative value
  • Shape anchors to list items are not imported and not preserved
  • Shapes in header or footer are not imported
  • Shapes, after imported as images, cannot be modified
  • Table widths after table resizing and adding a column do not keep visual fidelity when downloaded to ODF or Microsoft formats
  • Page layout and pagination is not supported
  • Shape or image position might not keep fidelity when importing from ODF or Microsoft Office documents
  • Text box properties of ODF or Microsoft Office documents might not be rendered correctly
  • Paragraph properties, such as background color or borders, are not applied to the numbering and bullet before the text

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