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Creation of new URLs via Manage Pages portlet directly under Content Root

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Is it possible to create a new URL directly under the Content Root via the Manage Pages portlet?


When navigating to the page level under Content Root via the Manage Pages portlet, the "New URL" button is not available by design. A change in this design would require a feature request submitted by a customer's IBM Sales or Marketing representative.

A workaround does exist in the Manage Pages portlet as follows:

  1. Click on one of the labels under Content Root such as "Home" in order to navigate one level deeper in the page hierarchy. You should now see the New URL button.
  2. Click on the New URL button and fill out the relevant fields and then click OK.
  3. Click on the "Mark" icon to the right of the newly created URL.
  4. Navigate back one level of the page hierarchy by clicking on Content Root.
  5. Click the "Move" button and you will see the URL listed as the last item on the current page. You should also now see it in the theme navigation.

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Modified date: 02 January 2013