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How to configure different license servers for Rational Change and Rational Synergy

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How can you ensure IBM Rational Change uses a different license server search order to IBM Rational Synergy when using multiple floating license servers?


Both IBM Rational Change and IBM Rational Synergy use the flexLM licensing software from Flexera Software.

Technote 1421667: Licenses pulled from the wrong server with Rational Synergy or Rational Change explains that when you start the IBM Rational Synergy client or the IBM Rational Change client using floating licenses, then the license module in the client application must find the address of the license server. This is done by using the environment settings or registry settings or license_data.txt file or the .flexlmrc file.

On UNIX platforms, the .flexlmrc file is created in the users $HOME by FlexLM when a license request is made and thereafter the license server values in this file will be tried first.

Although both Rational Synergy and Rational Change have separate license_data.txt files and so different license servers can be specified for each, Rational Synergy starts up first on most hosts and creates a .flexlmrc file first.

Since both Rational Synergy and Rational Change run as user ccm_root on UNIX, Rational Synergy creates a file ~ccm_root/.flexlmrc in ccm_root's $HOME and so the license_data.txt file in the Rational Change installation is ignored.


The Rational Change process needs to use a different $HOME environment to the Rational Synergy process. You can ensure this as follows:

  1. Log onto your Rational Change server host as user ccm_root

  2. Create a subdirectory ~ccm_root/CHANGE_HOME as follows:

    mkdir ~ccm_root/CHANGE_HOME

  3. Edit the Change startup script, (in the jetty directory) adding a line near the beginning of the file to set the $HOME variable to your newly created path.


    HOME=/home/ccm_root/CHANGE_HOME; export HOME

    Note: obviously you must change this path if your user homes are set differently. Remember to save your changes.

  4. Stop and restart your Rational Change server using the commands: stop start.

You can verify that the .flexlmrc file for your Rational Change server now appears in the ~ccm_root/CHANGE_HOME directory while the .flexlmrc file for Rational Synergy will remain in the ~ccm_root. directory

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